Crafts = love💙 (dreamcather project)

Besides travelling I love arts & crafts too. And lately I found one that really suits me 🙂 it is the dreamcatcher making! I am sharing my frist ones with you guys. It’s not that hard and very calming, I recommend doing those to every crafty soul out there 😉


2 thoughts on “Crafts = love💙 (dreamcather project)

    • I watched some tutorials on youtube and found some ideas on pinterest 😊
      My tips: get the cat away from you if you have one – mine was totally blown away with all the feathers and ropes so we had fights during the process 😂
      And be careful with ropes – if they get tangled you will have to start over… I used warm glue gun instead of ordinary glue and it was great too! Just.have fun with it, i bet your dream catcher will be beautiful! And to be honest – my dream catcher web was great a third time I made it … first time my rope got tangled and second it was to loose … good luck!😉

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