Vintgar (near Bled, sLOVEnia)

After work we take a short trip to Vintgar … It was a great place to relax, to enjoy the beauty of nature … HERE is the official site. Vintgar is very close to lake Bled wich is one of top 10 tourist attractions in Slovenia, so Vintgar is not so crowdy, because not a lot of tourists know about it. The temperature is great for summer days.


Great place to chill! 😉 Thank you for reading. 😉

Hiking – Raduha (2064 m – Slovenia)

Since I am so busy these days, Saturday was the best – hiking a mountain Raduha, spending all day in nature. The path is great, you can choose from “difficult path” or “very difficult path”. We went up trough very difficult and down trough difficult. The view was awesome!

On the way up…

The peak itself 🙂



This is the mountain half an hour away from Raduha -it has a small edition of “Aljažev stolp” on it. You can find the real “Aljažev stolp” on Triglav – Slovenian highest mountain. 🙂



On the way down,  we stopped at mountain meadow “Grohat” for some food and the great view of the mountain we just have been on. The staff is very friendly, kind and talkative. The food is amazing and not expensive at all! We drank Radler & apple juice and we ate 2 dishes “Ajdovi žganci” & “ješprenj” and we only paid 12 €! 🙂


This was amazing day, I recommend this hike to all mountain lovers out there. 😉

Short hike in my hometown (Slovenia)

It is great “the end of work day” hike – it’s short, sweet and not too hard. 😉 It starts in Kamnik – with the view of “Mali grad” or in English: Small castle. 🙂

The path is nice, with a litlle bit of magic aside:

First stop can be “Stari grad” or in English. “Old castle.” There are remains of an old castle and you can order a drink too.

15  minutes more of brisk walk and you can see the whole city of Kamnik from “Špica”. 🙂


I hope you find the time today for a hike, exploring something new or just have fun in any way you like. Nice weekend y’all! 😉

Chocolate fest (Radovljica, Slovenia)

There is a festival in Radovljica every year and I really love it! You can find some info HERE. It is chocolate fest, for all chocolate lovers – and, frankly, who doesn’t like chocolate? 🙂 last year, I went there on Sunday and it was really crowdy. I recommend a visit on  friday afternoon, because there is not a lot of people there. My favourite thing  from yesterday visit: pineapple in white chocolate. delicious!

You can find everything here: no sugar chocolate, chocolate sculptures and paintings, million different flavours, fruit covered with chocolate etc. They even had a spicy sauce with chocolate! 🙂

And for the end, a photo of maybe most known Slovenian chocolate – Gorenjka!



Slovenian lake: Planšarsko jezero

So, as you saw in previous post we were hungry after hiking Pristovški Storžič / Kaerntner Storschitz – Austria  and we wanted to eat some good Slovenian food. We drove few minutes across the border and stopped at the “Planšarsko jezero.”

This is Slovenian lake and it has a shape of a heart. 🙂 You can take a look HERE. There is reasturant (link: here) with great Slovenian food. 🙂

This is a dish called “Kranjska klobasa” – Kranjska sausage with sauerkraut.


This is veal stew with “buckwheat žganci.”


Thanks for reading, everyone! 🙂 Greetings from Slovenia. 🙂

Mount St. Ursula (Slovenia) – Uršlja gora


Yesterday morning we went for a hike, here in Slovenia. 🙂 Mount St. Ursula or in Slovene: Uršlja gora.  The mountain is 1699 meters high and there are several paths that leads to the top, to the gothic church called St. Ursula (the highest laying curch in Slovenia).  The mountain lies between the towns of Slovenj Gradec and Črna na Koroškem.

The trail is not hard to walk – you have harder and easier ones. We went up from “Naravske ledine” this time and it is an hour and a half to the top if you walk slowly. We were on top in 55 minutes. 🙂

The view is amazing, the weather was fantastic and the smell of spring in the air! I love hikers, they are all so friendly, optimistic, nice and they always wear a smile! 😉

Short trip to Zbilje lake (Slovenia)

After a long day at work, we went to Zbilje lake for some vitamin D. Love the spring sunshine!🌅

You can rent a boat there, go for a walk, have a picnic, drink your coffe, have lunch or amazing fruit desserts. 😊 

This is house salad with veggies, grilled chicken and tatar souce. Mmm😊

On the way back home we stopped to take a photo of this great view of a small Saint Jakobs curch bellow Kamnik – Savinja Alps (in the village names Hraše). And that is it for today! Can’t wait for the weekend to explore some more. 😊

The Kamniska Bistrica river (Slovenia)

Yaaay, first cycling & first icecream this year. Spring really is here!

We drove a small route near the Kamniska Bistrica river. They made a cycling and walking path near our home and it’s really great!

And best for last:  the view to Kamnik-Savinja Alps. 😊

… with icecream in my hand!😍