Why a blog?

Hey there!

We (an ordinary Slovenian couple :)) decided to start a blog. Here are our reasons:


  1. We love photography  and traveling, but if you don’t write and save the photos the memories vanish away in everyday life. If we collect them here and maybe inspire just one more person to travel it’s a win – win situation. We are also scouts and it’s about the same story there.
  2. I don’t use English in my everyday life anymore and I really don’t want to forget it. That’s one way how – writing. Please, don’t mind the mistakes. 🙂
  3. I LOVE creativity time. My passions are painting with acrylics, making jewelry, key chains and so on. Besides, I’m a kindergarten teacher so every idea I’m writing about is great to lead to another, maybe better one that i can use at work or in my free time activities.
  4. I also love psychology, especially about relations, positivity, motivation, communication, self-improvement so you may find some quotes or book recommendations here too.

So where to start? Maybe with the short story of my life– how I found myself. Everyone knows how it’s like – you’re a teen, you try to fit in, do n’t know what to think, how to behave, what to do with your life and what do you really want to do. There’s a lot of peer pressure and everyone trying to tell you what is right and what is wrong. You find yourself in school, different from the others who want to be popular and do everything for it. I tried, like everyone, but it didn’t work. Why? Because I was listening to others and not myself. The first majestic change  in my life was a goal to get rid of everyone who weighs me down. I never said NO before, so it was quite hard. But it was worth it. My bad relationship ended, I also said goodbye to some egoistic friends, and start to find out what I wanna do in my life. First thing that brought me to life was travelling. I recommend it to everyone. And more… in our blog. 🙂