Hiking – Raduha (2064 m – Slovenia)

Since I am so busy these days, Saturday was the best – hiking a mountain Raduha, spending all day in nature. The path is great, you can choose from “difficult path” or “very difficult path”. We went up trough very difficult and down trough difficult. The view was awesome!

On the way up…

The peak itself 🙂



This is the mountain half an hour away from Raduha -it has a small edition of “Aljažev stolp” on it. You can find the real “Aljažev stolp” on Triglav – Slovenian highest mountain. 🙂



On the way down,  we stopped at mountain meadow “Grohat” for some food and the great view of the mountain we just have been on. The staff is very friendly, kind and talkative. The food is amazing and not expensive at all! We drank Radler & apple juice and we ate 2 dishes “Ajdovi žganci” & “ješprenj” and we only paid 12 €! 🙂


This was amazing day, I recommend this hike to all mountain lovers out there. 😉


Make the time for your loved ones

Relathionships are quite complicaded and we often forget to take care of them. Life make us so busy sometimes, we don’t take time for our loved ones. So we have this rule that once a month we are spending some time together, just the two of us. No jobs, no work, no phones, no calls… just the two of us. If we have time we spent much more time together, but in a busy month like this one, the monthly date idea was really great!

After a short hike (on the photo there is a view from Saint Primoz hill – Sveti Primoz nad Kamnikom) we went to sauna.

Today I feel relaxed (my legs are a bit sore😂) and we had some great talks yesterday. I hope we will always manage somehow – to find that precious time.💙


It’s ordinary wednesday and my work day wasn’t so good. My last two weeekends was filled with tons of work so today i really feel … wanderlust! I found this amazing book in the library the other day and we (my boyfriend… and a cat ofcourse 😂) have this evening planned just for a daydream about travel. This book is full of great ideas! It’s like bucket list you don’t have to wright.😊 I recommend it to all travelers, adventurers and explorers! It’s called 1000 places to see before you die- Patricia Schults.

We are already planing this weekend trip and I just can’t wait!😊 Traveling is my motivation. 🙂

Down dog yoga app :)

2017-03-22-06-58-16Good morning from my yoga mat! 😉 I found this amazing yoga app that I have to share with you, guys. I had ALL free yoga apps on my phone, I think. Really, I tried out a tons of them. And now, I found THE ONE. 🙂 It’s called Down Dog.

  • You can cunnamedhoose from different programs (beginner 1 or 2, intermediate 1 or 2 or advanced).
  • You can choose your sequence type (restorative, full practice or quick flow).
  • You can choose  length of a practice and have more options. 🙂

It’s amazing, it’s free and I recommend it to all yogis. Have a great day everyone. Namaste! 😉


Spring walk on a cloudy day (Slovenia – Podpeško lake/jezero)

Sunday is perfect day to get some fresh air outside. Today, we went to Podpesko lake under the mountain Krim. We were here for the first time, even it’s just half an hour drive from our home. 🙂 The view is nice.

There are also a lot of spring flowers. Probably it’s amazing here in the sunshine. Definetly we will go to mountain Krim one day. 🙂 It was one nice afternoon. 🙂

Dog paw cookies (engraved rolling pin)

Weekend is great time to do some home-baked cookies, right? We made some yesterday and tried out one of OUR new product – engraved rolling-pin. 2017-03-19-08-56-47

This one is engraved with animal paws so the cookies are pretty cool. 🙂

Do you like them? 🙂 You can contact us here: https://www.mikeli.org/ or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woodpromotions/?fref=ts. You are more than welcome to give us another idea – what would you engrave on a rolling-pin? You name it, we do it. 🙂

DIY: How to pain the moon in acrylics (quoteart)

So, todays after work project was a gift for my dear friend. She loves blue color and the night sky, so I decided I will give my quoteart a touch of a fine night sky with a full moon. This is beginner painting so everyone can do it. Just follow those simple steps:

1. Pick your colors. IMG_20170316_162441

  1.  Purple.
  2. Ocean blue (aqua)
  3. White.
  4. Black (lamp black)
  5. Blue (primary cyan)


2. Choose your canvas, brushes and a sponge. 

I chose big canvas – 60 x 80 cm. And here is a funny thing – I used ordinary kitchen sponge. 🙂 If you have painting ones, use those instead, but the kitchen sponge can do the magic too. 🙂


3. Let’s get to work – background and the moon.

First, choose a circle where your moon it will be. I chose the right corner, because i need some space for long quote. Now get your sponge and draw some circles around the moon – you need to create 3D effect of a space. Than blend the colours together, so you can’t see the borders between them.

Now, take the white color mixed with water, put it on a bruch and shake it around the canvas so you get the illusion of stars. With swirling motion you can paint the moon too.

4. How to transfer any inscription you want from paper to canvas or wood.

Now, it’s time for you to find a quote on the internet and print it out. Or make your own design. 🙂 You will need a piece of chalk for next step, too. First, use chalk to cover the BACK SIDE of the paper, turn it around and use a pencil to outline the letters. When you remove the paper, the chalk marks will remain or canvas or wood. Then, just use your brush to make the words perfect! 🙂


5… The end!

So, here is the final work. If you find this useful, please leave a comment. 🙂

IMG_20170316_185100 (1)





20 things every woman should hear

Ladies, did you ever wondered what today is about?  It’s the international Women’s day, the day where all around the world men buy flowers for ladies, true. You can find some cool history facts here: International women’s day


But what this day really mean to you? Is it a D-day to focus on your ideas? To belive in yourself? To remember you ARE capable of doing anything you want? To think of your path? To remember your goals? To be strong?

Even if we say that man and women are equal now, they aren’t. I’m working in kindergarten and I am sick of tired of “poor little princesses” in children books who needs “their prince charming” to rescue them because they can’t take care of themselves and they can’t contribute to society. The only have to look pretty. Bullshit! I found this great video online and i would really like to read that book once: THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT BOOKS FOR KIDS

And because I think the women’s life on earth is so much more than be pretty and useless, rescued by a prince on white horse, I want all the ladies to read this:

  1. You are capable of making our own choices.
  2. You are strong.
  3. You are unique.
  4. You don’t need to be rescued by prince charming. You know who you want to be with and why.
  5. You don’t have to settle down with the one who is not good enough for you.
  6. You have dreams and the courage to pursue them.
  7. You are loving, kind and hard-working.
  8. You are who you want to be.
  9. You are your only limit.
  10. You are in charge of your own happiness.
  11. You have the courage.
  12. You CAN say NO.
  13. You know that no one has the right to judge you, because they didn’t walk in your shoes.
  14. You are beautiful in your own way.
  15. You have mistakes and you realize them – you try harder but you know that no one is perfect, right?
  16. You are sexy (Yeah, with the cake in our mouth too. And in sportswear after long run. And in pajamas. And in sexy lingerie. And in XXXXL T-shirt in bed with your period.)
  17. Your power is endless.
  18. Your kindness is the key to a better world.
  19. Your empathy is the key to better society.
  20. You, my dear, are a woman. If they break your wings, you will fly on – on your broomstick!

Happy international Women’s day everyone! 🙂


Be a traveler, not a tourist.

Why to travel? As I mentioned, traveling was one of the things that made me feel alive. It’s one of those wake up calls to stop existing and start living. I’m NOT talking about touristic traveling with great white dress, heels on your feet and selfie stick in your hand! It’s not about the likes on facebook, instagram etc. Will you care about it on your death-bed? No! But you will care about great adventures you had, great people you met and memories you made. This is not especially great memory: »Oh, remember that time, when i put my dress on, almost freeze to death, just to get my perfect profile picture by the frozen lake? Well, i get 300 likes than!« (we really saw that last week, on Lake Bled in Slovenia – two photos below).

It is a great memory how you laugh while travelling because you said something wrong in foreign language and the people understand it completely wrong …When you open your eyes and see the astonishing beauty of nature everywhere around you… When you help someone from the other side of the world … When you feel happiness in your heart because you know you conquer your greatest fears back in the mountain … When you feel proud how you overcame all the obstacles on the way… When you first see the ocean or the snow… When you might be old but in those moments you feel like a child again… When you meet someone so like you, even he has different ten of skin or different religion, you can be so alike! Those are memories to make, to cherish and be grateful for at the end of our lives. If you do stuff with passion, all the right people start to like you in real life.  Who cares about those who don’t know you and see your picture on facebook? That is NOT happiness.

Please, realize that the world is not just about you, it is much wider. And it is there to broaden your mind, to teach you millions of stuff,
So please… Get your snickers or hiking shoes, backpack, tent and something to take a few photos with. The perfect things to get in your back pack (besides water and spare clothes) are: curiosity, positive energy, adventurous spirit and freedom. And let the journey begin … And if you traveling like that it becomes much more affordable. You don’t need luxurious hotels or first class fly ticket. Sometimes, it is hard to go because of your job or the money, i understand that. But if you could only make it work – do it. It makes you feel alive. I love this: BECOME A TRAVELER, NOT A TURIST  🙂