Malta in May – day 6 (Marsaxlokk)

Almost the last day of our holidays – we went in a small town with famous Maltese boats – Luzus. 🙂

Than we went on a short hike to Saint Paul’s pool. Full of jellyfishes & we met that dog and his owner there when he told us they are famous! 🙂 We met Titti – the diving dog. Video below. 😉



Here is the video of our new friend – they didn’t jump that day because of the jellyfishes 🙂 But still – it was nice to meet them. 🙂

Padre Pedro – Akamasoa (Madagascar)

As I wrote before, I was volunteering in Madagascar 3 years ago and today I found this amazing video of a man I really respect. He is kind, with a big heart, great words and actions, an amazing charisma, full of positive energy despite all the Malagasy problems … I would listen him talking hours and hours! I am soooo grateful that I had the chance to meet him. I think this video will say it all. 🙂

I recommend his books as well … here is just one of them. 🙂

Rezultat iskanja slik za Padre Pedro: Apostle of Hope

Spread a word about this big man. ❤ he really is an inspiration for us all. 🙂