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Lansko leto sva se za vikend oddih odpravila na bližnje avstrijsko jezerce – Faaker see. Ker nisem imela časa za objavo na blogu, je sedaj čas le za obujanje spominov preko fotografij. Ne bom pozabila čudovitih razgledov, poti bosonožcev, zagrajenih privat plaž (kar nam, Slovencem, ni najbolj poznano :)), lepih gozdov in pomankanja časa, da bi oblezla vse okoliške ferate in hribe. Foto utrinki spodaj. Super vikend družinski izlet! Tudi z otroki se da videti marsikaj, od gore Opic (Affenberg) do poti bosonožcev, ki jo vodi pravljica o zmaju ipd.


Last year we went on a weekend trip in Austria. Their Faaker See is near and very beautiful. We didn’t have time to wright a blog so this is just some memories in photos. I won’t forget breathtaking views, The barefoot road in forest, private beaches with no access for tourists, nice forests and the lack of time to visit and climbing all the mountains around the lake. You can see few photos bellow – it can be a great family getaway, there is plenty things to do with children – from Monkey mountain (affenberg) to barefoot road in the forest (the red line of the road is a fairy tale about a dragon) etc. Enjoy!😉


Weekend getaway – Pula, Fažana (Croatia)

Weekend getaways are my favorite. People are complaining about not going anywhere but when the weekend comes they lay in front of tv – If we are free, we are definitely not at home. Exploring new things is amazing and it broadens your mind, challenge your brain and soul in every way and … It makes you feel alive, it carries a million questions about life, it learns you tons of stuff so … Our last getaway was Fažana with our beloved friends. The weather weren’t so good but we still had great time.

Here are some photos of a cute little town beach – Fažana.

And more popular and known – Pula. We went there to see the Roman amphitheater. You can find interesting details of Pula history HERE.  🙂


Memories – Barcelona

Hey, guys! I found some photos from our trip to Barcelona 2 years ago. I feel nostalgic, I really had the amazing time there. 😊

Colorful city with everything – friendly people, interesting history, great monuments and parks, museums etc.

The famous Gaudi house:

The Barcelloneta beach. 😍  

Sagrada familia😊

And paella, sangria, sharks from the Aquarium  – cherry on top of a great weekend getaway!💙

Winter fairytale: The Logar valley (Slovenia)

Last weekend we headed to Logar valley and we fell into a true winter fairytale. On the way, we had this amazing view on church of Saint Ahacij (village called Kališe).2017-roadtriplogarska_fototomazsinigajda_001hdrSnow was fresh and the hour was quite early. It was so peaceful, calm and beautiful. We stopped there to make a photo and continued our journey. You can read more about our final destination (The Logar valley) here: CLICK: The Logar valley official website. When we arrived the valley looked like this:


Here is the morning photo:2017-roadtriplogarska_fototomazsinigajda_032_fhdr

This mountains are part of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. This “U” formation on the right side of the photo is “Kamniško sedlo” and on the left you can see mountain “Planjava.”

Our first trip was to Rinka waterfall. The road was snowy and quiet and the sun was shining – perfect winter day. We haven’t met a lot of hikers there, just a few. The path is easy and simple. It is suitable for kids and families too. Photos from the path:

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At the end of the road there was a magnificent view. The waterfall is partly frozen (it looks like a big throne :)). In summer there is a lot of water walling down, but now there was this tiny little waterfall over a massive ice formation.

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The next day we wanted to visit another great destination “Potočka Zijavka”. This is a cave where some archeological artefacts were found (bones of a cave bear, remains of caveman life and rituals …) We started walking, but the snow was too high for hiking, there was no path, just deep layer of snow.  Besides, we saw some bear footprints in the snow! 🙂

So we have just a photo of a starting point – church Saint Spirit (Sv. Duh) in a village called “Podolševa”.2017-roadtriplogarska_fototomazsinigajda_037_fhdr

We wandered around a bit and had a great dinner at “Kmečka hiša Ojstrica” – CLICK. We ended a great exploring day  here in a cosy place with some great food and homemade herbal tea near a warm fireplace. Loved it!img_20170225_185025