Bobovek lakes (Slovenia)

Hi, guys! Yesterday we went for a walk around 3 Bobovek lakes, near the city Kranj in Slovenia. It is a nice, peaceful walk. 🙂 At the end, the rain caught us so we headed back home, but we manage to take a few photos before. Enjoy! 🙂

Verona – Florence – Pisa – Cinque Terre (Italy)

Today we found photos from last year trip to Florence. And off-course, we couldn’t stay in the same place for 5 days if so many beautiful things were out there to see, so close and so amazing. We walked for hours, exploring, searching, having fun. We slept later, when we got home. 😛

1. First stop: Verona

Amazing city with so much history! Here are some photos of Colosseum Verona, great Roman architecture. I sat there thinking about all the gladiators who died there, all the slaves who were sitting at the back, all the “big fishes” in front …

Colloseum Verona

Juliet’s house

They say, Verona is one of the most romantic cities in Italy, because of Juliet .. And her Romeo. 🙂 A lot of couples locked their lock of love there. 🙂

2. Florence

There were our hotel – usually we go to camps and hostels, but I got this trip as a birthday present – so we were there in a luxury. 🙂

Ponte Vecchio

This is an amazing bridge, with really wonderful jewelry workshops, but it is expensive. And the ice cream? The best on the world! But a piece of advice – don’t buy it ON Ponte Vecchio – it is 8 € one, so we gave 16 € for two ice creams. But it was worth it. 😉

Palazzo Vecchio

… with the death mask of Dante Alighieri. 🙂 And everything else of course! We met a lady from Boston and she was really big fan of Dan Brown’s inferno book, so she was in heaven when she saw the mask. I must admit, it was amazing.



Torre di Pisa, leaning tower of Pisa – one of the seven world wonders. 🙂

Cinque terre – best for last

I loved those small cities, i loved the views, the beaches the paths … I want to g back sometime to hike all those paths between – we traveled by train because we didn’t have enough time for hiking.

So nice to look back on those memories. 🙂 I am really greatful to be there, feel a bit of Italian culture and met a great woman from Boston who told us about livin in America. 🙂

Padre Pedro – Akamasoa (Madagascar)

As I wrote before, I was volunteering in Madagascar 3 years ago and today I found this amazing video of a man I really respect. He is kind, with a big heart, great words and actions, an amazing charisma, full of positive energy despite all the Malagasy problems … I would listen him talking hours and hours! I am soooo grateful that I had the chance to meet him. I think this video will say it all. 🙂

I recommend his books as well … here is just one of them. 🙂

Rezultat iskanja slik za Padre Pedro: Apostle of Hope

Spread a word about this big man. ❤ he really is an inspiration for us all. 🙂

Slovenian lake: Planšarsko jezero

So, as you saw in previous post we were hungry after hiking Pristovški Storžič / Kaerntner Storschitz – Austria  and we wanted to eat some good Slovenian food. We drove few minutes across the border and stopped at the “Planšarsko jezero.”

This is Slovenian lake and it has a shape of a heart. 🙂 You can take a look HERE. There is reasturant (link: here) with great Slovenian food. 🙂

This is a dish called “Kranjska klobasa” – Kranjska sausage with sauerkraut.


This is veal stew with “buckwheat žganci.”


Thanks for reading, everyone! 🙂 Greetings from Slovenia. 🙂

Mount St. Ursula (Slovenia) – Uršlja gora


Yesterday morning we went for a hike, here in Slovenia. 🙂 Mount St. Ursula or in Slovene: Uršlja gora.  The mountain is 1699 meters high and there are several paths that leads to the top, to the gothic church called St. Ursula (the highest laying curch in Slovenia).  The mountain lies between the towns of Slovenj Gradec and Črna na Koroškem.

The trail is not hard to walk – you have harder and easier ones. We went up from “Naravske ledine” this time and it is an hour and a half to the top if you walk slowly. We were on top in 55 minutes. 🙂

The view is amazing, the weather was fantastic and the smell of spring in the air! I love hikers, they are all so friendly, optimistic, nice and they always wear a smile! 😉

Short trip to Zbilje lake (Slovenia)

After a long day at work, we went to Zbilje lake for some vitamin D. Love the spring sunshine!🌅

You can rent a boat there, go for a walk, have a picnic, drink your coffe, have lunch or amazing fruit desserts. 😊 

This is house salad with veggies, grilled chicken and tatar souce. Mmm😊

On the way back home we stopped to take a photo of this great view of a small Saint Jakobs curch bellow Kamnik – Savinja Alps (in the village names Hraše). And that is it for today! Can’t wait for the weekend to explore some more. 😊

Short trip to Austria (Afritzer see)



Weekends off are great for a little road trip. 🙂 We went to the Afritzer see in Austria.

2017_3_25_Roadtrip_AvstrijskaKoroska_fotoSiNi_006You can find some info about the lake  HERE. We walked around it  and find a geocatch (geocaching is worldwide game – finding treasures. It’s so much fun! If you like the idea you can read more about it HERE).

2. Hochosterwitz castle /grad Ojstrovica

Heading back home to Slovenia, we found this amazing castle. It looks great – I could see the stories going on there decades ago. I felt magical! You can read more about it HERE


Memories – Barcelona

Hey, guys! I found some photos from our trip to Barcelona 2 years ago. I feel nostalgic, I really had the amazing time there. 😊

Colorful city with everything – friendly people, interesting history, great monuments and parks, museums etc.

The famous Gaudi house:

The Barcelloneta beach. 😍  

Sagrada familia😊

And paella, sangria, sharks from the Aquarium  – cherry on top of a great weekend getaway!💙


It’s ordinary wednesday and my work day wasn’t so good. My last two weeekends was filled with tons of work so today i really feel … wanderlust! I found this amazing book in the library the other day and we (my boyfriend… and a cat ofcourse 😂) have this evening planned just for a daydream about travel. This book is full of great ideas! It’s like bucket list you don’t have to wright.😊 I recommend it to all travelers, adventurers and explorers! It’s called 1000 places to see before you die- Patricia Schults.

We are already planing this weekend trip and I just can’t wait!😊 Traveling is my motivation. 🙂