Slovenian lake: Planšarsko jezero

So, as you saw in previous post we were hungry after hiking Pristovški Storžič / Kaerntner Storschitz – Austria  and we wanted to eat some good Slovenian food. We drove few minutes across the border and stopped at the “Planšarsko jezero.”

This is Slovenian lake and it has a shape of a heart. 🙂 You can take a look HERE. There is reasturant (link: here) with great Slovenian food. 🙂

This is a dish called “Kranjska klobasa” – Kranjska sausage with sauerkraut.


This is veal stew with “buckwheat žganci.”


Thanks for reading, everyone! 🙂 Greetings from Slovenia. 🙂

Hiking: Pristovški Storžič / Kaerntner Storschitz – Austria

Today, we went for another hike. 🙂 The path starts just a minute away from Slovenian – Austria border (crossing Jezersko).

The path is really beautiful. I would say it has 3 parts – the first one is calm, not very steep. The path is leading true the forest, with the great smell, the birds singing and so on. 🙂 The second part is the part with a constant great view, because you’re walking on the edge of the forest – so there are breathtaking mountains all around you and the sun was shining all the way.

Than, it comes my favourite – third part with rocks, steep terrain and wire rope to hold on. This part is short, just for the taste of a real mountain, so it’s really not hard to get to the top. And then? The view is amazing, the sun was warm and our souls in peace. ❤ Lovely!

We went down on the other side of the mountain – this path was still very snowy at the top so we were laughing and smiling all the way down because there was always someone on their ass, there was funny noises and screams when your leg just fell into the deep snow … But it wasn’t dangerous because it’s not so stiff and there are no cliffs around. The path is longer than the first one so we were hungry and thirsty in the end. We went for lunch across the border to Slovenia … more in next post. 🙂

Short trip to Austria (Afritzer see)



Weekends off are great for a little road trip. 🙂 We went to the Afritzer see in Austria.

2017_3_25_Roadtrip_AvstrijskaKoroska_fotoSiNi_006You can find some info about the lake  HERE. We walked around it  and find a geocatch (geocaching is worldwide game – finding treasures. It’s so much fun! If you like the idea you can read more about it HERE).

2. Hochosterwitz castle /grad Ojstrovica

Heading back home to Slovenia, we found this amazing castle. It looks great – I could see the stories going on there decades ago. I felt magical! You can read more about it HERE


Blue poison arrow/dart frog [Zagreb ZOO, Croatia]

This animal put a spell on me – literally. It is so amazing that I could not move on … I stared at it for a long time and google it right after we came home. 🙂

This is blue poison arrow/dart frog (Dendrobates tinctorius azureu). It lives in southern Suriname, south America. Well, I found it in Croatia, in Zagreb ZOO. 🙂 And here are two photos – trough the window, ofcourse. 🙂 Beauty!

Spring walk on a cloudy day (Slovenia – Podpeško lake/jezero)

Sunday is perfect day to get some fresh air outside. Today, we went to Podpesko lake under the mountain Krim. We were here for the first time, even it’s just half an hour drive from our home. 🙂 The view is nice.

There are also a lot of spring flowers. Probably it’s amazing here in the sunshine. Definetly we will go to mountain Krim one day. 🙂 It was one nice afternoon. 🙂