How to de-stress?

My life had been a roller coaster lately (just work, it’s nothing tragical) but I am a mess. My smile vanished, I feel tired all the time, I don’t have the energy to get up in the morning … and I know one thing – this is not me! I am an optimistic person with curiosity of a child and I love to live! Adventure is always around the corner. So, I had to do something about it.


  1. I put my phone away

Technology is a complicated thing – it helps us on one hand, but enslaves us on the other hand. We have Wi-Fi connections almost everywhere – work, home … And I have that thing turned on all the time! “What if I get an important e-mail? It’s about work, I have to look at this now because it’s important! No, I can’t play cards right now, I’m reading something for work.” Sounds familiar? Well, turn off that WiFi, It can wait. If you are with your loved ones, be with them! One email really CAN wait. If it would be an emergency, they would call, right?


2. If I’m sick, I’m not going to work

I’m one of those who don’t stay at home just like that – even I feel sick, I took a pill and get my ass to work. Sure, everyone is asking what’s wrong with me and I am useless there! Last time I did that was in november 2016 and at the end I got pneumonia. Than, I had to stay at home for 14 days… So I made a decision – when I’ll feel really bad, I’ll stay at home. It’s hard because world doesn’t except it sometimes, but my own health should be on a first place.

3. I get into – sports

I try to make the time for that. When I am stressed, I feel tired all the time. But I kick my ass out there – walk, do yoga, run, cycle, go nuts with my roller blades, jump, whatever. Just do something that keeps your body busy and your mind calm – or just so determined you are thinking only about the mucle work.


4. I am learning how to say “NO”

I am kind of person that would do anything for others and sometimes it happens that I am all worn out from other people’s problems because I listen to them, talk to them in the middle of the night and forget about me completely. I’m always giving someone something and it’s tiring. Sure,  if someone is really in some bad situation I will always help but sometimes we should say NO to the grumpy ones that have the same problems as we do – it’s not normal that someone is waking you up just because his boss yelled at him today. I mean, really? And learn to say NO if you don’t have time to do some extra work. I always say yes – I have time. Why? Because I never wrote “me time” or “relax time” in my planner. I’m still working on that one, but it’s a progress. 🙂


4. I meditate – in my own way.

Well, I read a few books about meditation and it really sounds great. But I didn’t get far with “real” meditation for now. I don’t meditate for an hour or more, I don’t levitate and I don’t have any spiritual visions or something. But I think that meditation is everything that calms the mind, bring us some peace in quiet in our head. My meditation is a long warm shower in winter, the end of yoga practice in shavasana, sitting in silence for a moment and notice my breath and body or drinking my cup of tea without doing anything else at the moment. What are your types of meditation? 🙂


5. I do something that makes my soul happy

That is the best motivation ever! Paint, photograph, go out, sing, dance, get creative, read books or motivational quotes … What is your thing?


It’s not easy to de-stress in those times. In the past, I realized I was stressed just in case I got sick of it. And then it was too late. Now, I’m thinking about it earlier. It is not great yet, but hey, I’m making some progress! I’m working on my stress relief systems earlier. If you know some other ways to de- stress I will be happy to hear about it! 🙂







7 thoughts on “How to de-stress?

  1. The one sure way for me to get over feeling stressed is to sit looking outside. Or by sitting outside if it’s warm weather. Just the sight of the birds or the sounds of the breeze in the trees washes away everything else.

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  2. Wonderful list and examples. Whatever you choose, just make you and been kind to yourself a priority. It took me a long time to admit that “I am the most important person in my life.” That’s not to say that there’s plenty people who don’t come a very close second, but if things are not great with me then what use am I to others? Beautifully written 👍🙏

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