Quote art acrylics painting – baby shower, children room decoration.

Soooo, I’m in a hurry because I’m going to the baby shower of my dear friend. 😊 But still, I have to share this with you. Here is my painting with acrylics, a gift for a baby. 😉


7 thoughts on “Quote art acrylics painting – baby shower, children room decoration.

  1. Thank you so much for following us and our blog, we have followed you too. Just loved your personal story on your About page, we are doing many things the same as you. We travel lots, last year all over Europe, and next month mid April we go to America for a 3 weeks Trans USA railway journey. I am a psychologist too so you might find some posts of interest in that category. Look forward to reading and commenting on your posts, and we are currently writing about the first time I visited my wife’s country 34 years ago.


    • Great! I’m really looking forward to read about your experiences and thoughts. We have a blog for only.a month now so it’s not that “full” yet but we’re working on that. Since we have a blog, I’m doing a lot more of what makes me happy so I can write about it here 😉

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  2. Hi again …. I think you have made a great start with your blog after only a month. Your posts are clear and your photos are good too. I can make a few suggestions, but if you don’t like them just ignore as I won’t be offended. Its some structure stuff for improving.
    1. Don’t need your Home page unless you fill it, so you can make your posts your home page from Settings/Reading
    2. Not easy to find how to comment, need the comment and likes switched on and visible for each post in Settings/Discussion
    3. Always good to have “sharing” buttons switched on so your visitors can share your stuff on say Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc, so: Go to Settings/Sharing and click any service you want people to be able to use.
    Help people to “Reblog” your posts, so you are like a guest on their site. Also on Settings/Sharing click on the blue Publicize button, then on the Sharing section at the top of that page. Then at the bottom click on Reblog and Like to be shown on your pages.
    I really like this last one because then I could find one of your posts I like, click on Reblog, and it is reposted on my site but under your name. It is helping YOU to get more followers. You can also Reblog any of my posts so we are helping each other.
    I would like to Reblog something of yours if it was about Slovenia, not a country I know anything about, interesting for my readers and maybe some would follow you.
    Hope this helps, if you need to ask something thats ok. B

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    • If you look at my blog you will see all these things switched on, certainly you can Reblog any of my posts too. Do you have a Follow button installed so people can follow you easily?


    • Thank you soooooo much!! As soon as I come home I will do those things, I was a bit lost about those tehnical stuff and I really appriciate your help! 😊 i will manage that and i will ask for help if I will need it. Thanks a lot!

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