20 things every woman should hear

Ladies, did you ever wondered what today is about?  It’s the international Women’s day, the day where all around the world men buy flowers for ladies, true. You can find some cool history facts here: International women’s day


But what this day really mean to you? Is it a D-day to focus on your ideas? To belive in yourself? To remember you ARE capable of doing anything you want? To think of your path? To remember your goals? To be strong?

Even if we say that man and women are equal now, they aren’t. I’m working in kindergarten and I am sick of tired of “poor little princesses” in children books who needs “their prince charming” to rescue them because they can’t take care of themselves and they can’t contribute to society. The only have to look pretty. Bullshit! I found this great video online and i would really like to read that book once: THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT BOOKS FOR KIDS

And because I think the women’s life on earth is so much more than be pretty and useless, rescued by a prince on white horse, I want all the ladies to read this:

  1. You are capable of making our own choices.
  2. You are strong.
  3. You are unique.
  4. You don’t need to be rescued by prince charming. You know who you want to be with and why.
  5. You don’t have to settle down with the one who is not good enough for you.
  6. You have dreams and the courage to pursue them.
  7. You are loving, kind and hard-working.
  8. You are who you want to be.
  9. You are your only limit.
  10. You are in charge of your own happiness.
  11. You have the courage.
  12. You CAN say NO.
  13. You know that no one has the right to judge you, because they didn’t walk in your shoes.
  14. You are beautiful in your own way.
  15. You have mistakes and you realize them – you try harder but you know that no one is perfect, right?
  16. You are sexy (Yeah, with the cake in our mouth too. And in sportswear after long run. And in pajamas. And in sexy lingerie. And in XXXXL T-shirt in bed with your period.)
  17. Your power is endless.
  18. Your kindness is the key to a better world.
  19. Your empathy is the key to better society.
  20. You, my dear, are a woman. If they break your wings, you will fly on – on your broomstick!

Happy international Women’s day everyone! 🙂



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