Sardinia (Italy): beach paradise

Hi there! In 2015 we went to Sardinia and we were exploring our favorite things: beaches! We rented  a car there  RENTAL CARS. It was cheap and we actually got the bigger car that we reserved. A piece of advice: get full insurance, Italians are quite crazy on the road. 😉

There are a lot of camps to stay – we haven’t made reservations, we just stayed in a camp we saw at the end of the day. We had mini tent so the prices was between 20 – 30 € per night, for both. Our travel route: sardinijamap001

We landed in Alghero and headed south.


This is  western coast of an Island. Our first stop was small, colorful city named Bosa built around river Temo. We arrived there in the evening so we didn’t explore much. Here is the link of a tripadvisor what you can see in Bosa: CLICK.

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We didn’t know where will we stay for a night so we drove down in the night to the first camp we could find. It was dark and in the morning we wanted to go further but then decided to just go take a quick peak on the camp beach. It was an early hour so there was no people and the beach was stunning! this is the Beach at Campeggio Nurapolis:

We were swimming for a while and playing with waves. Than we headed on. Next destination was a famous beach Is arutas. It was crowdy and the sand was hot, so we just made one photo and went on.


Next stop was amazing antic place called Tharros.

Than we headed to beach Piscinas – an amazing hidden beach with sand dunes.

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After some amazing views our journey continued. We found a beach that we impulsively stopped at and went for a swim. It was Surf kiting paradise with big waves and warm summer breeze – Spiaggia di Portixeddu. This was my best of. ❤2015-sardinija_fotosiniursa_1362015-sardinija_fotosiniursa_140

Furthermore we went on Isola di Sant Antioco, where we spent the night in town Calasetta.


The next few days we were exploring the Eastern side of an Island.



2. ARBATAX (sunrise)2015-sardinija_fotosiniursa_167

3. CASTELSARDO2015-sardinija_fotosiniursa_209

Our last step of a journey was in Alghero where the summer fairytale ended with a calm flight back to Slovenia. We recommend traveling to Sardinia – the beaches and the history remains are breath-taking! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sardinia (Italy): beach paradise

  1. Love the travel report and your beautiful impressions of this gorgeous island. ❤
    Some ten year sago my friend and myself rented a car and drove crisscross across the island, almost your route. It was April/May before the start of the holiday season and we enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks for bringing back so many happy memories. 🙂

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