Be a traveler, not a tourist.

Why to travel? As I mentioned, traveling was one of the things that made me feel alive. It’s one of those wake up calls to stop existing and start living. I’m NOT talking about touristic traveling with great white dress, heels on your feet and selfie stick in your hand! It’s not about the likes on facebook, instagram etc. Will you care about it on your death-bed? No! But you will care about great adventures you had, great people you met and memories you made. This is not especially great memory: »Oh, remember that time, when i put my dress on, almost freeze to death, just to get my perfect profile picture by the frozen lake? Well, i get 300 likes than!« (we really saw that last week, on Lake Bled in Slovenia – two photos below).

It is a great memory how you laugh while travelling because you said something wrong in foreign language and the people understand it completely wrong …When you open your eyes and see the astonishing beauty of nature everywhere around you… When you help someone from the other side of the world … When you feel happiness in your heart because you know you conquer your greatest fears back in the mountain … When you feel proud how you overcame all the obstacles on the way… When you first see the ocean or the snow… When you might be old but in those moments you feel like a child again… When you meet someone so like you, even he has different ten of skin or different religion, you can be so alike! Those are memories to make, to cherish and be grateful for at the end of our lives. If you do stuff with passion, all the right people start to like you in real life.  Who cares about those who don’t know you and see your picture on facebook? That is NOT happiness.

Please, realize that the world is not just about you, it is much wider. And it is there to broaden your mind, to teach you millions of stuff,
So please… Get your snickers or hiking shoes, backpack, tent and something to take a few photos with. The perfect things to get in your back pack (besides water and spare clothes) are: curiosity, positive energy, adventurous spirit and freedom. And let the journey begin … And if you traveling like that it becomes much more affordable. You don’t need luxurious hotels or first class fly ticket. Sometimes, it is hard to go because of your job or the money, i understand that. But if you could only make it work – do it. It makes you feel alive. I love this: BECOME A TRAVELER, NOT A TURIST  🙂


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